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Hooked Cover

HOOKED: How To Not Suck At Messaging

“Thanks to dating apps, it’s easier than ever to send messages to hot women… but that also means there’s more competition than ever. THIS is how you win the game in 2019.” -- Christian Hudson

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7 Reasons You Need “HOOKED: How To Not Suck At Messaging”…

  • 1. You’re over-analyzing everything she texts and still can’t decipher her sexual signals…
  • 2. You’re being too needy…
  • 3. You’re not funny (and in fact, maybe even boring her)
  • 4. You’re just like everyone else…
  • 5. You’re over-texting…
  • 6. You respond with annoying one-word answers…
  • 7. You’re pushing the same button too much...


It’s easier than ever to meet women.

Pull out your phone. Swipe right.

Game on

But think about it:

Game On

Before Instagram and all of the dating apps, how many guys actually had the balls to approach a hot woman?

NOT TOO MANY… which is why I had a booming coaching business until I retired from it!

But these days...

Hot women have literally HUNDREDS of men competing for their attention.

And yeah, I’ll say it…90% of these guys would never approach women on the street or in the bar.

So the fact of the matter is,

Make Just ONE Of These 12 Common Messaging Mistakes, And She’s Gone


Are you sending the right first message? Something that captures her attention and HOOKS her?

Are you asking the right questions, to get her to open up?

Are you talking about yourself the right way… enough information to trust you and like you, but still be DYING to know more?

Are you asking her out the right way? I think you get the point...

It’s SO easy to send a message, have a girl ghost, and then you’re left asking...

“What happened? Did I send too many texts? Too dirty too soon? Why won’t she tell me?”

It feels like such awful bullshit when you’re dealing with it.

But I’ve seen enough messages, from enough clients, to know that it’s not bullshit...

In 2018, Hot Women HAVE To Filter Out 95% Of The Guys Who Message Them

In today’s world, if your message game is not up to scratch?

Your chances of a relationship… whether you want casual sex or something more long-term… are shot to hell.

It’s no secret that most guys see texting, messaging and DMing as an annoyance. A necessary evil. Another hoop to jump through before they can get physical with a girl.

But if there’s one thing you should take away from this page, it’s this:

When You’re Messaging A Girl You’re Building A Relationship With That Girl

And it doesn’t matter whether your idea of relationship is long-term or more f*ck buddy casual…

… messaging is THE WAY to create, explore and deepen your relationship.

It’s what these girls love, it’s what’s natural for them.

And that’s why it’s so important to get hip to these 12 messaging landmines--landmines that can destroy your chances faster than you can type LOL.

“She was by far the hottest girl I had ever pursued. I don’t how I did it, but after what seemed like forever, I got her number. And I immediately started to chase after her.

But somehow I f*cked up and I lost her. I think I came on too strong and scared her away.

And then I got your book. And she was the first girl I wanted to go after using this new information.

And then I did something pretty unusual for me. I apologized.

Yeah, I went in with straight-up honesty. I apologized for being a chode and coming on too strong. I didn’t lay it on thick, I just acknowledged it and asked for a do over.

I figured what did I have to lose? Especially guided by the advice in your book.

Surprisingly, she got back to me right away as if there was no break in communication at all.

Now, guess what? We are formally dating.

Who ever says this information isn’t useful obviously hasn’t tested it.

It’s pretty powerful.”

Brad (Kansas)

Hey, my name’s Christian Hudson.

Over the last 12 years, I’ve helped nearly half a million guys get the women of their dreams.

Christian Hudson

Yet, if there’s one question I get asked more than any other, it’s this:

“Christian, what messages should I send her?”

If you’re anything like most guys, you’ve blown yourself up over one texting landmine after another.

It’s not your fault. It’s easy to do.

You see, it turns out there are 12 very specific messaging landmines that DECIMATE most guys chances of ever hooking up.

And I’ve detailed them all in a brand new book.

But that’s not all…

I also reveal how to fire off messaging missiles that get her intrigued… invested… and INTO you.

Then I show you how to get her so turned on, you shouldn’t be surprised if she shows up at your front door, biting her lip and ready to go.

I’m calling this valuable little BIBLE of instant messaging seduction...


How To Not Suck At Messaging

Hooked Cover

In HOOKED: How To Not Suck At Messaging, you’ll discover how to WIN the messaging game in 2018, dominate her thoughts, and become THE guy who she wants to hook up with.

You’ll discover…

  • The #1 overarching goal for each message you send. (And no… your first aim is NOT to get her into bed…)
  • The simple 5-step process you can use again and again that takes her from anonymous, to sitting across you on a hot date
  • This covert technique triggers a lustful dopamine spike every time she receives one of your messages…
  • How to build sexual tension so unbearable she’s staring at her phone hoping to hear from you...
  • Surefire “swipe and deploy” phrases from my own message arsenal, guaranteed to land like an atomic bomb...
  • PLUS: Simple messages that sub-communicate you’re in high demand. (Too many guys unknowingly reveal they have ENTIRE DAYS FREE to spend messaging. This is NOT a good look)
  • And there’s so much more...

    Yes Christian, I Want My FREE Copy of HOOKED: How To Not Suck At Messaging
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    HOOKED: Transcripts of Messaging Conversations

    (You Get Every Text…)

    One thing I’m told that makes all the difference is you getting to look over my shoulder as I take my coaching students from messaging FAIL to texting titan in a few easy steps.

    My coaching students pay me thousands of dollars to walk them through this process. Now YOU get to look over my shoulder with the real, “bullet-time transcripts.”

    • SEE how to react to her texts…
    • WATCH as I reveal the “not so obvious” mistakes that guys are making
    • LOOK over my shoulder as I reveal my secrets--taking my guys from clueless to messaging stud in a few short sessions.

    Inside HOOKED you’ll learn how to avoid THESE instant message landmines…

    • LANDMINE #1: Too much TOO SOON. It’s very easy to push a button, get a great response… and then keep pounding on that same button. Big mistake. If you feel like you’ve gone a little too far with roleplay, innuendo or adopting the role of ‘boyfriend’ too fast, here’s what to do instead...
    • LANDMINE #2: Stuck in The FRIEND ZONE. So many guys miss clear as crystal opportunities to have fun, flirt and escalate. Here’s exactly what to look out for… how one of my clients screwed up again and again… and how you can stay far away from the dreaded friend zone...
    • LANDMINE #3: She has a BOYFRIEND. Here’s what to do when… as one of my clients was shocked to discover… she suddenly throws a “I have a boyfriend” curveball. Here’s why it’s not game over...
    • LANDMINE #4: She’s FORGOTTEN who you are. Holy smokes! Not the ideal situation, right? In this X-Ray Text, you’ll find out exactly what NOT to do when a girl doesn’t remember meeting you AND how best to let her know what she’s missing out on...
    • LANDMINE #5: The EX-FRIEND. Not sure how to escalate from friendly to flirty? This sequence is a prime example of how to ramp up the attraction even if it seems there’s nowhere left to go… and why it’s most likely YOU alone holding things back.
    • LANDMINE #6: BAGGAGE: The Insecure Girl. Often times, girls dwell on past disappointments and this hurt, anguish and insecurity can bleed into new relationships. So the first thing she’ll do is challenge you. Here’s how to pass her Test Of Insecurity in a few simple messages.
    • LANDMINE #7: Coming On TOO STRONG. I see too many guys texting like over-excited little boys telling mommy their news. Combine that with ‘jumping the girlfriend gun’ and you have a recipe for repulsion. Here’s a better way to amp up the intrigue, attraction and excitement...
    • LANDMINE #8: OVERGAMING. You may be SHOCKED when you see how my coaching client went so far so quickly, he borderline insulted her. Use this texting lesson as a case study in what NOT to do…
    • LANDMINE #9: AWKWARD Texting. Have you ever tried to fake confidence? It doesn’t feel good, does it? And you just KNOW people can tell. Well, the same thing can happen in text messages. She’ll see right through any fakery or inauthenticity and label you “Mr. Awkward”. Here’s how to set your frame and roll with it…
    • LANDMINE #10: Post-SEX TEXTS. Here’s what you absolutely MUST text after you have sex with a girl or you risk never getting the opportunity again...
    • LANDMINE #11: LIFELESS Replies: What should you do when that HOT girl finally replies… but only in the blandest, let’s-get-this-over-with way possible? You’ll find out in this revealing texting case study.
    • LANDMINE #12: The COMPETITION Factor: If the girl you’re chasing is stunningly good-looking, it’s very likely she has other suitors. Other guys who are messaging, DM’ing and texting her. Here’s how to wipe out your competitors with one swift message...

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    R-Rated Texting

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    The Key Lock Sequence

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    Then I saw your book and I guessed if anybody had figured out this part, you had.

    I simply did what you said in the case study. And amazingly, it worked.

    Within two days, I was at her place banging that tight ass of hers."

    Brett - NYC

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